How do we help you?

The method of help offered is called KORE Therapy.  KORE Therapy utilises a unique diagnostic system of assessment that identifies the weakness, imbalances and areas of low function that are present in the body, which can cause the symptoms you are experiencing.

During our life times our bodies experience a series of stressors that can impact on the different systems of the body. When the systems of our body are balanced we are unaware of our body.  When the systems of our body are out of balance we can experience an array of symptoms anywhere in the body.  However, often these restrictions can be the result of a historic event that the body hasn’t managed to resolve. So, often we cannot think why we would have these issues.

Once the weakness and imbalances have been identified a combination of treatments are applied unique to the issues identified. These methods are a blend of western and eastern techniques that creates a unique treatment for everybody. These gentle techniques promote the natural healing processes of the body, bringing it back into balance, alleviating the symptoms and returning you back to feeling like yourself again!

Who benefits from receiving KORE Therapy?

Those who benefit from KORE Therapy could have been given a diagnosis of a long-term health condition or they don’t feel right in themselves, have been for ‘tests’ but no specific cause has been found but their symptoms or feelings haven’t been resolved.

They may have been to one or more different Health Professionals and have experienced some short term relief but their issue hasn’t been resolved and returned.  They are fed up of being in that cycle.

They may have long term health conditions where the standard method of treatment is a prescription for medication, that doesn’t help them feel better and they are open to trying something different because they want a solution and not to be reliant on taking pain killers.

Some of the symptoms experienced by those who have benefited from KORE Therapy:

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you’re experiencing health issues, no matter how obscure, that are not listed above but want to explore how we can help you book your ‘feel less stressed and more energised’ taster session.

Let’s explore how we can help you…