Success Stories

“It’s 30 years since I enjoyed a restful night’s sleep. I averaged 4-5 hours on a good night and occasionally went all night without sleep. I’d tried lots of different avenues but all had been unsuccessful. I was amazed at how quickly this treatment worked. The first night I slept for nearly nine hours only waking once and returning to sleep immediately. I have averaged between six and eight hours sleep nightly ever since. I still wake during the night but I fall asleep again immediately. This has been a very positive experience for me and I have daytime energy and a sleep routine that I’ve not enjoyed for decades.” – Doreen Jennings

My situation was having a dramatic impact on both my wellbeing and my life.  I was in chronic pain and found it very debilitating. I was very limited to where I went as walking made the pain worse and I found exercise did not help either.  Sleeping was fitful and I spent a lot of time awake and in pain.  It was really getting me down not being able to socialise and not have the confidence to venture very far from home on my own. Driving for more than twenty minutes was a problem leading to stiffness.

I had various reservations about attending because over the years I have tried many ways of helping myself both with the NHS and alternative methods but have found many of them short lived. 

I found the session very informative.  I was wary of being touched on my hip, thigh and back as they were very sensitive to touch. Jay explained the reasons why my hip, thigh and back were behaving this way and what she could do to help me. The techniques used were very gentle and achievable for me.

After my first session I found that I could slap my leg without it being sensitive (very major for me).  My pain has reduced significantly. I feel better in myself as I am not constantly being reminded about the pain.  -Eileen Heyes

“I had had treatment due to severe back pain. I couldn’t stand upright and had restricted movement in my right leg. Driving for long periods was difficult, I struggled sitting at my desk at work and at home on the sofa and couldn’t exercise. My whole wellbeing was being affected.
At the end of my first session I was standing more up-right, though not completely straight. I could not believe how quickly I got better movement in my right leg. 100% attend this treatment session…… Relief from acute pain without tablets, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a session.”
– Ian Gornell

I had a KORE treatment yesterday, I can honestly say after years of discomfort and pain this is the only thing that has given me any relief! Long may it continue.  – Harriet Cuming

I have two discs bulging in my lower spine and osteoarthritis in my lower spine and hips.  I was in constant pain and struggled to do basic things like housework, gardening, walking, shopping, etc.  My sleep was interrupted every night leaving me tired and fatigued during the day. This in turn made me feel anxious and some what depressed.  I had tried medication that rendered me unable to work so I could not remain on it.  I have steroid injections twice a year in my lower back to help ease the pain.  However my range of movement had become less and I had been told I would need an operation on my back and hip replacement.  I was also told by one consultant that I would end up in a wheel chair or very much immobile which, due to constant pain and lack of movement, I believed would happen.

The single best result has been sleeping through the night which I never thought would be possible without drugs.  I have more movement and less pain in the day and I also have psoriasis which has improved and some improvement in my stomach problems.
– Sharon Fraser